Top 10 Brunch Places in Taipei

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Top 10 Brunch Places in Taipei

Whether you're a crazy foodie like me, or simply want to explore and try new restaurants, then you've come to the right place! Listed below are my top 10 absolute favourite brunch places and with such gorgeous aesthetics and deliciously interesting foods - there's something for everyone! 

1. #BFF Gossip Brunch 早午餐 - 公館店

This adorably hidden gem of a restaurant is located just a little bit south of Taipei City. The restaurant itself is super cute, with beautiful murals and golden utensils to provide a very upscale but cozy feel. We got to try various dishes with unique names such as "Blue Tears Belong to Us", "You Are The Galaxy Of My Eye" and "Start My Diet The Day After Tomorrow". The drinks are also very delicious with unique toppings such as cheese foam and boba! 

2. Hërs biströ她/的餐酒

With their slogan being "because dessert never hurts" you know you can't go wrong! While their food is extremely delicious and pretty (rainbow linguine!) what really blew me away were their drinks and desserts! Enjoy a creatively boozy brunch with your friends, or afternoon tea with the cutest animal desserts! They also open late as they convert into a bar in the evenings. Definitely don't sleep on this place!    

3. TankQ Cafe & Bar

There's 2 locations around Taipei city, both being just as good! This adorable little cafe offers delicious pastas, brunch dishes and more ..... all in shipping container tanks! The entire cafe has Disney and other adorable plushies placed all around, on tables, chairs and even in the bathrooms! My favourite part are the drinks, where they let you come up to the counter to marvel at their mass collection of adorable cups and let you choose one for your drink to be served in! 

4. VAST Cali Eatery 

This place brings major cali surf shop vibes to the heart of Taipei city! Once you step foot inside you'll see artisanal craftsmanship from their wooden tables to dried flowers to homemade snacks and a complete fresh fruit bar! It's a self-serve bar where you order, pay and collect your meal once it's ready. They offer various delicious (and aesthetic!) meals from your classic avocado toast, loaded burritos and zucchini noodles to gorgeous smoothie bowls. Many things are seasonal and depend on the local produce available so their menu is always changing!  

5. Sugar Pea Cafe 

This adorable cafe serves up dainty and delicious dishes that also have various unique flavours to satisfy any palate! We got to try their one-bite avocado toast (4 pieces - good for sharing!) fluffy spicy maple syrup egg pancakes and kombucha! They also have various salads, bowls and so many drinks available - something for everyone! Everything was so delicious but a bit on the pricier end so make sure you take a look at the menu before you go! The staff are so sweet and helpful and the experience as a whole was delightful! 



You may have heard of this place through all the hype, but we promise you it's definitely worth a visit! Despite it's small and rustic appearance, there's always quite a wait for this little cafe if you forget to make a reservation. Their dishes are so colourful and delicious, especially their famous avocado toast set! They also offer various brunch bowls and have oat milk as an alternative to all their beautiful drinks, especially the lattes! 


7. Muko Brunch 

Super cozy and trendy cafe hidden away near NTNU (Da'an Park). This place offers adorable plates and our favourite thing was definitely the eggs bennys! The bright colours and cute latte art definitely make this a good place for catching up with friends or going on a sweet brunch date! 


8. ACME Cafe Bar & Restaurant

There's no reservations for this place, so you'll definitely want to try to go earlier or else you'll have to wait forever (like we did haha - unless they changed the policy!) The dishes are so gorgeous and the plating was amazing! The flavours of each dish are unique and had a very western flavour, which was exactly what we were craving! They also have cool merch and free stickers for you to grab! 


9. Second Floor Cafe 

This place is honestly such good value for the incredible food, service and atmosphere that they offer - I'm obsessed! They have a HUGE menu, offering various brunch foods, pastas, salads, burgers and more! All their meals comes with TWO drinks each (a coffee/tea and a fresh fruit drink) as well as side dishes/appetizers. The service is awesome and there are quite a few locations throughout Taiwan to check out! 


10. Drunk Cafe 爛醉咖啡

One of my good friends took me here last year and it was such a memorable experience. There's quite a retro, indie, coachella-esque vibe to this place with all the indoor and outdoor decor. There's several purposely decorated rooms (for photoshoots!) with domes, mini pools, swings and ever-changing decor that allows for that perfect instagram shot. During the day it's the perfect brunch spot, and at night the vibe changes into a cozy and inviting bar space! The food and drinks are delicious and creative - just a little more on the pricier end! 


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