Top 10 Taiwanese Snacks

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Top 10 Taiwanese Snacks

Having lived in Taiwan for over 2 years now, we've had the chance to try the tastiest of snacks - from local delicacies to wild and unique flavours on classic goodies. We've accumulated our top 10 favourite snacks - let us know if you've had any of these before, or have your own favourite you'd like to recommend! 😋

1. Pineapple Cake 

This is one of our absolute favourite snacks, especially paired with a light and refreshing tea! The sweet and tangy freshness of the pineapple on the inside goes so well with the delicious flaky pastry on the outside. One of our favourite shops is Sunny Hills in which they give each customer a free sample pairing (restaurant style) of their cakes and teas - it's soooo worth the wait! 


2. Lays Chips

There are so many (ever-changing!) flavors of Lays chips in Taiwan we don't even know where to begin! There are some unique flavours such as truffle, ox tongue, beef noodle soup, fried chicken and lychee/grape soda that have been rotating as the seasons go by and others that are more permanent such as corn soup and grilled BBQ ribs. They are all so fun, unique and definitely worth a try!  

3. 乖乖QQ糖果 (Guai Guai Gummy Candy) 

These traditional gummy candies are considered to bring luck, fortune and safety wherever they go. You can find them being offered during 拜拜 (worship) seasons and being placed all around the house for overall happiness! They are so delicious, chewy and fruity - kids and adults love them! 


4. Dr. Q Jelly 

Conveniently packed in an individually wrapped a to-go pouch, you simply tear off the top and slurp away! These jellies are a local favourite as they come in so many different flavours and are made with real fruit juice that makes it highly authentic to the flavour (and has no preservatives or added sugars!) 

5. Quail Eggs 

If you've never had quail eggs before, they're basically extremely flavourful eggs packed into a small punch! The Taiwanese enjoy these snack versions that are marinated in tea, herbs and ready to bring on the go. There are also night market versions where they fry and season them on a skewer - also super delicious!  

6. Dried Fish Sticks 

 These iconic snacks are had during elementary school recess breaks to family picnics on the beach - they're a real hit! Chewy and savoury, these dried fish stick snacks are sooo addicting! They also come in a spicy version for those who prefer an extra kick. 

7. i-Mei Cream Puffs 

These delicious one-bite cream puffs come in so many unique flavours we can barely choose which one is our favorite! Not overly sweet, crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside - what more could you ask for? 

8. Tiger Sugar's Brown Sugar Boba Popsicle 

This is literally one of our absolute favourite treats in the summertime - combining delicious chewy boba with sweet milky brown sugar in a cool and refreshing popsicle. We absolutely love Tiger Sugar's brown sugar boba tea so we instantly knew this would also hit the spot. The only catch is that you have to eat it quick before it melts in the blazing sun! 


9. 科學麵 (Science Noodle) 

These extremely popular noodles can be cooked as a regular meal or crushed and eaten dry as a mid-day snack. They already come with the flavour powder mixed inside so it's super easy and convenient to enjoy! 

10. Apple Sidra Soda 

This refreshing apple soda has a crisp fizzy taste that perfectly quenches thirst during a steamy hot pot dinner. Usually kept in the fridge for maximum flavour, we love that there is no lingering aftertaste, just simply a burst of flavour that keeps you coming back for more. Available at virtually every restaurant and grocery store! 


Many of these snacks and treats are available in our snack/lifestyle crates - be sure to check them all out here!

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