Top 5 Places To Visit in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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Top 5 Places To Visit in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

As Taiwan's third largest city located in the south, there are so many things that this beautiful, coastal region has to offer - whether you're a city dweller or beach bum there's something for everyone! 🥳

1. Lotus Pond

This was one of the very first places I visited when I moved to Taiwan and it was absolutely gorgeous. I really didn't know what to expect, other than the fact that I lived nearby and everyone recommended I check it out. The first thing that'll catch your eye are these giant lion and dragon pagodas. According to legend, you're supposed to enter the dragon's throat to get rid of all your misfortune and come out of the lion's mouth with fresh luck! The entire lake is paved with a connecting circular sidewalk perfect joggers, dog walkers and just admiring the gorgeous view. There are also giant golden koi, turtles and chicken to feed, various other pavilions where locals sing karaoke, and water activities to participate in! 

2. Ruifeng Night Market 

Tightly compact rows with vendors on both sides, you'll be struggling to decide which foods and drinks you want to order! There is something available for every palate, from Middle Eastern cuisine to Japanese to local Taiwanese! The cold beverage (fresh fruit juice, bubble milk tea, etc.) stands are also an extremely cheap (and necessary) part of your visit as it can get extremely hot with the large crowds! With just less than $20 USD you can fill your stomach, quench your thirst and win adorable prizes at the numerous variety of game stalls! Many of the delicious snacks offered at the night markets are also available in our snack crates - be sure to check them out here!

3. Pier 2 Art and Cultural Centre (+ Banana Pier) 

Words can't even describe how much I love this area, and without a doubt I know that you will too. It is so vibrant, full of love and culture and incredible views of the ocean! There are so many adorable little shops with trinkets, arts and crafts and cafes that you could spend an entire day browsing. There are often performances, shows and other creative activities happening here as well. There is the Takao Railway Museum also located here with an entire area of old railway tracks where families go to fly kites, and delicious snacks and treats being offered everywhere! 

Banana Pier is also connected to this area, and offers local delicacies in their shopping pavilions and a beautiful view of the ocean with an adorable carousel ride. The dock is pet and bike friendly as well. 


4. Dream Mall 

The largest mall in Taiwan (and 15th largest in Asia) definitely has something for everyone as there are over 2300 stores to choose from! There are multiple food courts, restaurants and food/beverage services available inside as well so you could definitely spend all day shopping til you drop! One of our favourite restaurants is 果然匯 which is a huge vegetarian buffet (we're not vegetarian and it really took us by surprise how delicious everything was!). There are all the famous brands from Nike to Daiso, and avarious other adorable products that are also available in our lifestyle crates, be sure to check them out here! There is also a giant ferris wheel on the top of the mall where you can find incredible views of the city - especially during sunset!  

5. Qijin Island 

This beautiful sub-island off of Taiwan's coast is just a few steps and a ferry ride away from Sizihwan station! There are huge parties, sandcastle competitions and surfing ventures that all take place on the gorgeous beach, and many other food options and interesting landmarks to see as well! We recommend that you ride your scooter across the ferry, or rent a bike when you first get there as it will save you time and allows you to freely explore! There is also a night market that stretches along the main road with lots of delicious treats!


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