Our Mission


As a team of Asian-Americans, we truly missed the sweets and treats of our home countries while growing up in North America. It was always a struggle between finding a good quality product versus what was within our budgets.

Now currently based in Taiwan, we are here to bring both those dreams to a reality for you! Our name pays homage to the iconic Taipei 101 Tower, a place of bustling economic business yet also one of comfort and delicious foods.

101Crate was born through wanting to bring the local delicacies of Asia across the globe with the mission of also giving back and doing good for the AAPI community. 


As members of the Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) community, we have always been proud to share our culture and heritage with those around us. From having dumplings as our high school lunches, to forcing our friends to take off their shoes before entering our homes, the intricacies of our culture weave their way through generations and generations. 

This last year has seen a rise in racist and xenophobic attitudes and attacks towards members of our community and it truly breaks our hearts. Wanting to find a way to help is what led us to start this 101Crate project. 

By incorporating giving and doing good into our company's core philosophies, we strive to ensure that we are working towards a more accepting and beautiful tomorrow. 

We are currently supporting the following non-profit organizations with 10% of all our proceeds donated monthly: 

Stop AAPI Hate 

Asian Mental Health Collective

We're always open to suggestions for new organizations in need of support. Feel free to contact us anytime!